Dr. med. Thomas Mertenskoetter MD

Director and Senior Advisor

With 17 years of experience as a physician and pharmaceutical executive in the management of infectious diseases, the development of new anti-infectives and their market introduction, I have developed thorough understanding of the epidemiology, course and management of infectious diseases.
My background ranges from hands-on patient care and working in research and development of new medicines to the engagement in global health issues and lobbying for innovative R&D programs for poverty related diseases.


  • Board certified physician with extensive experience in the medical care for people with HIV, TB, tropical diseases and other infectious diseases
  • Coordination of multicenter academic research programs on management and treatment of HIV and AIDS
  • Physician in the pharmaceutical industry in the areas of
    • Clinical development in the areas of HIV, viral hepatitis and malaria
    • Academic collaborations and advisory boards
    • Medical marketing and communication strategy
    • Medical information and education
    • General administration and management
  • Physician in not-for-profit development partnership
    • R&D of innovative HIV prevention tools
    • Representation of not-for-profit Biotech to donors and stakeholders
    • Development of access strategies for new HIV prevention technologies

Therapeutic Areas:

  • Infectious Diseases, specifically HIV and viral Hepatitis, CMV
  • Tropical Medicine
  • Poverty Related Communicable Diseases
  • Oncology


  • IAS – International AIDS Society
  • EACS – European AIDS Clinical Society
  • EASL – European Association for the Study of the Liver

  • Thomas Mertenskoetter