Recent Assignments by T.O.M. LSC


Medical and Clinical Affairs Services

  • Clinical and Regulatory Development Strategy
    • Interim Medical Affairs management in respiratory diseases and diabetes
  • Clinical Study Protocol Development
    • Protocol review of HIV clinical trials and cohort studies
  • Medical Monitoring and Pharmacovigilance Support
  • Medical Writing
    • Weekly medical information service on recent HCV, HIV and oncology clinical R&D publications
    • Conference abstract and manuscript development of  HIV clinical trial and cohort results
    • Abstract and poster development on generic drug development and innovative drug access initiatives
    • Reports from European HIV Advisory Board Meetings
    • Reports from international HIV and HCV conferences


Medical Communication, Education, and Marketing

    • Strategic Concepts and Content Development
      • Medical Affairs support for the use of antivirals and immunotherapeutica
    • Project Management of Scientific and Educational Meetings and Symposia
      • Concept and execution of satellite symposia
      • Development and execution of Training the Trainers Workshop for HIV physicians on innovative antiretrovirals in Africa
    • Setup and Management of Scientific Advisory Boards
      • Setup and execution of International Scientific HIV Advisory Board
      • Support for WHO HIV Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC-HIV)
      • Support for concept, execution and reports of high-level scientific consultations on the strategic use of ARVs for HIV therapy and prevention and Global Hepatitis Partners’ Meeting for WHO/HIV and Hepatitis department
    • Pharmaceutical Market and Competitor Analysis
      • Review of long-acting ARVs for pharmaceutical company
      • Landscape mapping and analysis of generic entry in oncology market
    • Development of Medical Marketing and Communication Strategies, Plans and Tools
      • Development of overview on oncology pipeline of global pharmaceutical company
      • Development and execution of internal trainings of HIV care and current developments
      • Development of medical affairs training material on HIV drugs
      • Support of Steering Committee of Public-Private Partnership planning the implementation of an innovative HIV prevention tool


Access to Medicines Policies

  • Evaluation of 3 Product Development Partnerships for the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Department for International Development (DfID) (Link)
  • Evaluation of Potential of the German Neglected Infectious Diseases R&D Landscape  for the German Parliament
  • Discussion paper on PDP Manufacturing and Supply Strategies (Link) for the PDP Access Group